Our Children Future

Our Children Future:
Our vision is to create a dynamic child in the environment by improving the social wellbeing and actions at all level of a Liberian child.

Having Realized the need for improvement of a Liberian child for the betterment of the development of our coming generation we associate ourselves into an organize body known as Our Children Future, OCF for short. The body was founded on December 25, 2009 and is legally registered with the Government of Liberia. We are located in Nickley Town Lower Johnsonville, Rural Montserrado County Liberia.

photo of children Our mission is to improve the lively hood of Our Coming generation in Liberia. Educationally and religiously to enhance a better future for tomorrow. And to insure that children's participatory approach provides new knowledge that will change their communities, socially, religiously, academic excellence and behavior change.

Motto: Rebuilding Our Children Future.

We offer to you Our Children Future (OCF) a Local NGO that is built on three pillars: Health, Education and Lively Hood.

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Our Children Future Working Team:

Josephine K. Barclay Executive Director
John Frederick Barclay Administrator

Mends Johnson Program Manager
Momo F. Sheriff
Chester M. Dennis I

Samukai Kollie Account Officer
Prince Harmon IT Assistant
Boakai Z. Kortu Media Outreach Officer
Darius Benson Administrative Assistant

Aims and Objectives:
The Aims and Objectives of our organization is seeking the social welfare of the children through campfire, conferences, seminars historical tour (exposure); and not limited,

  • To basic educational programs by providing skills training, Liberian culture education as well as civic education.
  • To engage in national awareness programs by sensitizing campaigns and also improve education to minimize illiteracy.
  • To engage in children's counseling and community cohesion programs as well as radio programs, and children journalism, drama, etc.
  • To promote sustainable developments through project such as; Health, Education, Recreation and Advocacy but not limited to HIV/AIDS and Malaria awareness, Hygiene promotion.(Female hygiene SANITARY NAPPKINS)
  • To feeding school children/sharing school materials; shoes, school bags, etc.

Mrs. Josephine Kollie Barclay, Founder and Executive Director

photo of Josephine Kollie Barclay

Is an outgoing professional with dynamic leadership, excellent skillful in program management which involve social work such as reunifying war affected youth with parents. Trauma counseling which includes: war affected children, rape victims, and protection of street kids. Conducting worship in gender base violence, and hygiene promotion. Building the capabilities of war affected women and underprivileged girls by giving loans in order to improve their living condition for effective input to program for post war work. She is a mother of three children.

She is the founder for a local NGO call Our Children Future (OCF) also a value member of some women's group, she is socially culturally balance, in other words she understand the way and life of people, She has some 10 years' experience in working and developing the mind of children. She believes in hard work and taking personal initiatives with strong determination. She has shown this throughout her life in various personal initiatives for development by establishing a learning program called Our Children Future (OCF).

Mrs. Barclay holds a BA degree in human science from the University of Liberia (UL) and AA degree in Secretary Science, special training and skills in other areas: Trauma counseling, sexual gender base violence, Background investigation, Hygiene promotion, Motivation, proactive and innovation. Work with international and local NGOs as well. As a Liberian living in a society that is deeply patriarchal and divided on class and ethnicity she exhibits change by being vocal on child rights issues. On some of her less time she write poems: The village I live, the step 'I walk, O' beauty etc. She like cooking, reading, and spending time with children. September 11, 2008 involved in a serious burned accident on her right hand.

Liberian Flag

Our Children Future
Post Office Box 1462
Nickley Town Lower Johnsonville
Rural Montserrado County
phone: 231-0886-55-70-60
phone: 231-077-63-46-272

Non Profit Organization

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